My projects

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Social Amnesia

Completely free and open source social media management software I designed from the ground up. Fully installable with a GUI, it allows the user to automatically wipe their reddit and twitter posts, comments, tweets, and favorites, on a schedule, with modifiers to whitelist specific items based on user choice or quantifiers.


Twitter bot that tweets every 30 minutes telling you to log off twitter and go do something actually useful. Twitter Account here. Source code here.


I wanted to learn how browser extensions work, so I built a chrome extension and a corresponding firefox extension that swaps @realDonaldTrump and @dril tweets around, inspired by this article. I, uh, apologize for the image. Source code here.


I hope to eventually grow this into a full fledged customization suite for iTerm2 that is accesible right in the terminal window through simple commands. Right now it has the ability to query reddit for random images from subreddits to change the theme of the iTerm2 window.

Binary Bros

A co-op M.C. Escher style puzzle-platformer where you act as a bit in a computer, and must work with your binary bit brother to fulfill the user's requests. This game was made with fellow engineering students while studying in the Computer Science program at the University of Michigan, and it's full code is open-source. SPARQL tutorial

Have you ever wanted to use the baddest data-science query langauge in the land? Well now you can! While I was working at I led the development of their SPARQL tutorial. Check it out!

Party Parrot Madness

I wanted to learn react native so I made an simple app that spawns random party parrots on your screen wherever you tap. It's useless but awesome.